Marijuana & Cannabis Branding

Why is a brand important?

Imagine if Micky Mouse at Disney looked different each time you saw him, or the Nike 'swoosh' sometimes was curved and other times more pointed. Or perhaps a Big Mac was left up to the manage on duty to make however they wanted. If this were the case the success of these companies may be very different. Most successful companies invest heavily and strictly monitor and advance their brand. Why shouldn't you?

If there is one thing we would impress upon you it would be:

"It all starts with branding!"

Sure, you can build a website, and you can create content, but without a brand, an expression of your company attitude, all these assets will get created unguided. This is also something you can easily tell when a company forgoes this important step. Their message is not focused, unique or concise. The colors don't match, or sometimes they do and often times they don't. It is hard to impress upon a user that you have your act together when things are two toned, patched together and overall not cohesive. Think of a car with a new paint job. Now think of a car with a different color door, or hood, or maybe some dents and scratches. Which car are you more drawn too?

The exact same principal occurs when people judge you through your brand. With our branding package we do more than make you a logo. A logo is merely one of the by products of an actual brand. You'll be working with us to define your company attitude. If your business was a person what would their character be? How do we capture that character with the right creatives and colors? What story do these assets tell about your company? A brand should echo a story and a message. This is what we help craft with you. Once this is established, a logo, and design guide become much easier.

While this may sound and feel abstract, it is to a point. But the benefits gained are very real. Having the correct brand expresses proudly who you are and sets out guidelines (through a design guide) about what colors can be used and in what ways. It determines how the logo can and can not be used or shown. It enforces consistency across all forms of marketing, from Facebook ads to coffee mugs.

During this exercise if you do not already have a Vision statement and Mission statement we may be asking and/or helping you formulate one. Yes, we all want to make money, but to determine the vision and mission of your company makes it very clear for you, your employees and your customers why you are in business and what you hope to achieve. Once your brand is in place you'll find the content gets delivered in a consistently effective way, which brings higher returns on investment. The marijuana and cannabis industry is no different and users are HIGHLY brand driven. Whether you need one or need a better one, in this highly competitive industry your brand may be the only major thing that sets you apart.

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